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Our Story

Believe it or not, Steele Ridge's story actually started about 10 years ago! We owe much gratitude to Windy City RWA and Theresa Stevens, networker extraordinaire, for connecting three newbie writers and setting us on a path to an amazing friendship and successful business partnership. It’s so crazy to think about everything we’ve been through together and the industry changes that have happened since we all began this journey. We’ve literally grown up together when it comes to publishing.

We started out in 2009 by launching a blog called Romance University, which has been on the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers multiple times. Back then, we were also critique/plotting partners, which eventually blossomed into something much bigger and more amazing than we ever imagined.

Yep, that’s right. We’re talking about Steele Ridge.

One day, Tracey sent an email saying, “I’ve got this crazy idea…” At the time, collaborative series weren’t really a thing, so we like to think we’re groundbreakers. ;-) So we did a ton of brainstorming, tossed out concepts that just didn’t make the cut, and eventually hit on an idea for a small Southern town and a big, noisy, personality-filled family.

We originally thought we were writing six books. Um… yeah. We're a wee bit beyond that forecast now. As long as readers love what we're writing, we'll keep publishing.

But we all adore writing this series and want to tell you what we love most...

Adrienne: For me, it’s all about the family and how their relationships evolve as the series goes on. With each book, the characters experience life-changing circumstances and the really twisted part of me loves, loves, loves to constantly shove those circumstances at them. [Tracey: Now I know where Reid Steele’s nefarious nature comes from.] It’s fun knowing we’ll see more of how those changes impact characters in future books. Plus, the icing on this giant cake is that I get to work with my pals and build something special.

Kelsey: How much room do we have on this website?? I could write for days on this. Steele Ridge has allowed me to write romantic suspense for the first time. I get to kill people - whoop! [Tracey: We have to watch her. She tries to off most of the characters, which makes for a very short story.] So it’s stretched me as a writer because these books are a bit darker and twistier than my contemporary romances. But I love, love, love writing the Steele Ridge books so much because they allow me to play with the small-town settings and deeply intertwined and quirky characters that I love. And the ideas just never end with this series.

Tracey: I love the endless possibilities of writing in the Steele Ridge world. Kelsey enjoys getting to know the townsfolk, Adrienne dives into all-things law enforcement, and I like to explore the natural world. We’ve had a blast weaving these three areas of interest together to give readers an immersive, page-turning experience. Needless to say, after finishing the Steele family stories, we weren’t ready to say goodbye to Steele Ridge. I’m thrilled to say that we have several spinoff series in the works, which will include cameos from all your--and our--favorite characters.

Lots of readers want to know what we have planned for Steele Ridge in the future. All we can tell you right now is that we DO have plans. Lots of plans. Dark, twisty, nefarious, sexy plans. And if you want to stay up to date on all those plans (and get a Welcome gift), be sure to sign up to get the Steele Ridge emails!

From the three of us and all the characters we love . . . Welcome to Steele Ridge!